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For no-compromise fully ported heads, big valves are (like the old 327/350hp L79hydraulic grind did), they won’t do you brand-new GM Vortec heads are a Know More Note to students:How to grind the valves on your engine - The Do It,,If you use brand new valves, you will still need to grind the valves and seats to ensure a proper seat. The rockers will need to be adjusted anyway. Clean the engine head and valves thoroughly. You do not want to have any grinding paste left on the engine head. You can use a wet rag and water to clean up the engine head to remove the grinding compound.Do new valves need grinding? - Pelican Parts Forums,Lapping or grinding of new valves is NOT recommended anymore. Check with your supplier to be sure. They sometimes come with special coatings that are ruined by grinding or lapping. Grinding new valves is not recommended because the factory equipment is so much better than any machine shop grinders that the concentricity cannot be maintained.

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CONSIDER DO YOU NEED TO GRIND VALVES ? A . to begin with do a compression check and note what cylinders are low 20 or 30 %,(example some are 85 and some are 120 lbs.) AND THEN B .examine the movement of the valve lift before deciding to remove head see? if valveHow To Grind/Seat Valves and Replace Seals - YouTube,Dec 09, 2012· TheCousinDan shows you how to replace your valve seals and grind the valves into a proper seat in your cylinder head.old head, new valves. what needs to be done? - 3WHeeLeR WoRLD,May 27, 2008· buy a lapping tool from autozone and some valve grinding compound. put the compound on the outer edge of the valve seat area, insert the valves in there holes, and use the tool to spin the valves (like trying to start a fire with sticks) to seat them.

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Jun 23, 2007· Need to report the video?,EASY, HOW I LAPP & GRIND VALVES. THEY DONT TEACH THIS TRICK IN SCHOOL, ONLY OLDSKOOL.,Cylinder Head Valve Lapping Land Rover Engine - Duration: 5:21.Do you need to lap brand new valves with new seats,,Definitely lap the valves and make sure you mark or number each valve so it can be fitted to it's matched seat. With a three angle valve job the seats will most likely have been cut to widths of around .060" for the inlets and .080" for the exhaust.Lapping New Valves - Help - Hot Rod Forum : Hotrodders,,Nov 10, 2007· Assuming the new valves I buy are exactly the same size and length, I would assume the valve seat in the head and the valve surface may be slightly different right? Do the new valves require lapping? Is this something I can do myself or best left for a machine shop.

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Mar 25, 2011· Personally I would do a little bit of lapping with a fine paste when fitting new valves or new seats. I wouldn't bother if re-using valves with seats (assuming the valves go back inDo New Valves New Head need lapping? - IDI Engine,,Nov 11, 2008· Do I need to lap new valves on a new head? I would of course if i had the compound but i want to avoid buying it if i don't need it. I tried to do the white board felt marker test where you put ink on the mating surface of the valve and see how much rubs off onto the head.How To Lap Valves - restore-an-old-car,Give the valve stem a light coat of engine oil before putting it in the guide. I use 5/30W, but it really shouldn't matter. Spread a bit of grinding compound onto the edge of the valve. Stick the Rubber Cup On the Valve Face. Once the valve is in the head, the next step is to wet the suction cup on the lapper and stick it on the valve face.

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A couple of sheets of sand paper is all you need. Also note just below the right valve there's a little area of casting that wasn't quite removed when the head was bored for the cylinders at the factory. The valve facing work is to "lap" the valves using valve grinding paste.Do you need to lap brand new valves with new seats,,Definitely lap the valves and make sure you mark or number each valve so it can be fitted to it's matched seat. With a three angle valve job the seats will most likely have been cut to widths of around .060" for the inlets and .080" for the exhaust.lapping valves after a valve job - 429-460,I was always taught that after a three angle valve job that you need to lap in the valves before putting the heads together. The guy who flowed the heads for me told me NOT to lap them because it will cut out the sharp ridge from the valve job and hurt flow.

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The particular exhaust valves I am using in Bob’s head are of a tulip design and need no back cutting. The valves are chucked up in the valve grinder and ground at 45 degrees. A typical valve will require 2 or 3 passes to clean up the face.Engine/Transmission (1994 - 1998) do i need a valve grind?,Nov 19, 2009· I recommend getting a valve job. You will probably find the intake valves have pounded into the seats, and the exhaust valve faces have pitting. You could run the engine longer with the original valve facings, but your engine will benefit from a quality valve job. Be sure the surface on the head is as smooth as factory or it won't seal. You should not need O-rings or fire rings to seal with moderateTypical machine shop cost?! | DSMtuners,Aug 18, 2011· lap a valve or two on both the int and exh side, the seat should be centered on the valve, if it is running off the outer edge of the valve the seats are too big and will need the OS valves installed.

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Dec 11, 2002· No you don't need hardened valve seats, nice to have but not necessary. To be honest I have never seen a case of seat erosion caused by lack of lead, modern valves are good enough that it is not even a consideration.Is it wrong to have to grind the piston for valve,,Aug 21, 2009· The heads are one of the most important parts when it comes to performance and if you take short cuts with the heads you will regret it later. Depending on the heads and your machinist you can actually save money if you just go out and buy a pair of Edlebrock heads. You can just bolt them on and go, additional machine work is optional.Valve Seat Installation Cylinder Head Seat Replacement,,If you’re replacing an integral seat in a cast iron head (and the cylinder head has enough thickness to accept a new seat), the counterbore should be cut to a diameter approximately .100˝ larger than the valve head diameter.

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Replacing valve stem seals during a 'valve job' is an automatic must do and often times new valves guides need to be pressed into the cylinder head and then reamed to size. The final factor in controlling the oil is the wear that occurs on the valve stem itself.#2---Pro Comp Cylinder Heads - Hughes Engines, inc,We can supply anything you need to finish up your engine topped with these new heads. Update 10/08 : Some of these heads have been known to get shipped with valves that may be too long and sometimes the head diameters are wrong or different.What are the pros and cons of a valve job vs engine,,A valve job includes removing the cylinder head and taking it to a machine shop where they grind new seats and grind the valves to match them so that they seal. If valves are leaking the engine will run roughly or lack power.

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Dec 03, 2001· When do you need to grind vs. lap them? I've not done a valve job since High School 20+ years ago. Sorry for the cross posts, but I didn't get any response on the 250F side of the house yet.Valve Seat Installation Cylinder Head Seat Replacement,,If you’re replacing an integral seat in a cast iron head (and the cylinder head has enough thickness to accept a new seat), the counterbore should be cut to a diameter approximately .100˝ larger than the valve head diameter.CR4 - Thread: The Correct Way To Lap Engine Valves In,Aug 30, 2010· the conventional way to lap engine valves in is grinding paste and a sucker on a stick and rotating the valve back and forth using the hands. now why cant you use a drill on low speed lubricate the valve stem and take all the weight of the drill so no side ways thrust is placed on the valve

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Sep 21, 2013· Unless you have the proper equipment to cut the valve seats. you will need to have a good shop do it for you. Also be sure to replace the valve seals andTech: Rebuild Or Buy New, The Great Cylinder Head Debate,If you want to do the job correctly, you will need to add in the cost of machining for new valve seals ($50/pair cylinder heads), the cost of the actual seals ($80/pair cylinder heads), and then a valve job and assembling each cylinder head ($200/pair cylinder heads).3 Ways to Clean Engine Cylinder Heads - wikiHow,Sep 20, 2016· Before getting started, you’ll need to gather the tools and equipment necessary to properly clean your cylinder heads. Much of what you’ll need can be found around the house, though you will also need to use a chemical parts or brake cleaner that can be

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May 23, 2007· The reason they do not recommend that you lap your valves on the stock bikes is because most of them are titanium valves with a surface coating on the valves. If you lap them you diminish the thickness or you can completely remove the hard surface. If you do a valve job I recommend that you put new valves in from Precision Machine.Head, "Valve Job", when is it necessary? - CCOT,Most install new guides, guide liners or bore out the old guides to accept new valves with oversized stems. Aluminum heads have cast iron or bronze guides that can be replaced but most cast iron heads doTech: GM 1st Gen Heads vs. Vortec Heads Reader Guide,With the Vortec flow velocity, you need less spark advance to make power which is a clear indication of a more efficient burn.” Air-flow in the Vortec heads begin to

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Jul 04, 2006· The bowl area is wide around the guide - much wider than the old 'camel-hump' heads from back in the day - and the intake valve seat has a 3-angle grind from the factory. The intake valve is also back-cut as is the exhaust.Lapping valves with a drill - Motor Vehicle Maintenance,,Lapping valves with a drill. Ask Question.,Don't take short cuts,that's what got you to need to lap the valves in the first place.,It is commonly a hardened steel pressed in to the head. The valve face is the part of the valve that touches that ring. – elmerfud Jul 13 '15 at 17:12.Iron Vortec Head - Super Chevy,The Vortec heads come with a very efficient 64cc chamber using 1.94/1.50-inch valves. Despite the conservative valve sizes, these heads flow extremely well in the 0.300- and 0.400-inch valve-lift,

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You can buy reclaimed and reconditioned valves from various aftermarket suppliers, or you can buy brand new valves from an aftermarket supplier or a dealer. However, some valves may not be available as service parts from the new car dealer because the vehicle manufacturer only wants to sell entire cylinder head assemblies.Modifying Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads,Typically the cast iron seats in the cylinder heads are enlarged and cut to the correct size for the new valves with valve grinding equipment. This usually brings up the point that Ford cylinder heads used,

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